Foggy Tetons Pano

Welcome, Spring, to Jackson Hole—A love letter to the season.

Welcome, Spring, to Jackson Hole. We’re a snow-loving town, but you make our hearts sing. That sweet light air like a cowboy’s kiss. The lemony green of newborn leaves. The birdsong, rising again. It’s true love. You’ll see: walk around the streets of town, hike the trails, sit beside a rushing river, and you’ll see it. Everybody’s smiling. The earth is stirring. And there are flowers – flowers – coming up through the snow.

We love you, Spring. Come again, and again, and again.

To get in a Spring frame of mind:

First, look at these spectacular pictures by Henry Holdsworth, a visionary Jackson Hole photographer.

Next, toast Spring’s arrival with a long, slow breath of fresh air.

Finally, pick a new flower for an old love.