Teton Cabin - Chair near a window

The Book Lover’s Holler

In the wake of a busy schedule, countless meetings, phone calls and the unending “ding” of new e-mail alerts, sometimes the most reassuring solace lies in the pages of a good book. It’s in this moment where you allow an author to chip away the monotony of the outside world and lead you by the hand into a new one. There’s no better way to escape than snuggling in the shadows of the protective, tremendous Teton Range.


In Jackson Hole, it’s quite simple to maneuver through its rampant cultural vibrancy, call a timeout on life, and submerge yourself in creative comfort. Whether you find a cozy nook in a coffee shop or choose to spend a blustery afternoon scanning the staff recommendations at Valley Bookstore, you’ll no doubt find other residents who are doing the same, almost religiously. The glorious vistas and atmosphere found in the valley provide a nesting ground for writers and book lovers alike.

In addition to attending the coveted Jackson Hole Writers Conference every spring, bestselling and award-winning authors such as Michael Chabon, Wendell Berry, and Jennifer Egan have all visited Jackson recognizing the reprieve found in our little mountain town. You’ll find that your fellow book addicts will emerge from their reading dens eager to score tickets to the next Page-To-Podium event at Teton County Library the moment it’s announced. For those who prefer to enjoy their books in the company of others (and perhaps a few glasses of wine), there is an eclectic selection of different book clubs, each with their own personality and book tastes.


Yes, those Wyoming winters can be long and crummy, but the bibliophiles in town know how to make those frigid days go by like the turn of a page. However, you’ll have to forgive them for putting down their book and picking up their skis anytime a powder day blows into town.