Après Vous, Mon Cher

The food culture in Jackson Hole is delightfully eccentric. With a vast array of notable restaurants scattered throughout the valley, Jacksonites can  have a difficult time selecting a menu that will satisfy their sophisticated dinner cravings. Whether one opts for the colorful sushi spread at Nikai or a gourmet buffalo steak at the Snake River Grill, a chilly winter’s evening with friends can be made warm and comforting no matter where your taste buds lead you.

The Rose Pesto

Looking to add a little zest to your evening? The Pesto Bruschetta from The Snake River Grill should do the trick.

During the day when time is precious, the best comfort can be found by taking a break and swinging over to Persephone Bakery. Locally owned and operated, Persephone just might be the most iconic bakery and café in Wyoming. From the moment you walk through the door, you’ll be greeted by the aroma and atmosphere more reflective of Paris than cowboy country. Not only does Persephone serve some of the best Intelligentsia coffee this side of Europe (they even have their own blend!), but it’s a full service boulangerie providing breads to many local merchants and restaurants.

Spread out before you like a dream is a display of flaky croissants, delicate tarts and crunchy baguettes, all of them baked right there in the Persephone kitchen. You might have a few young Jacksonites squeeze by you as they get right up to the display, their eyes wide, their breath fogging up the glass.

Persephone Arrey

Its easy to see why Persephone has so quickly become a Jackson Hole favorite.

Craving something a little more savory? Not to worry. Perhaps you’re yearning for a traditional croque-madame with Berkshire ham and melted gruyere? Or maybe you’re itching for the herbed omelet with buttery fried Brussels sprouts? Hey, if you don’t get a chance to try the brioche and smoked salmon this round, there’s always next time.

Just make sure you leave some room for dinner…