Making Christmas Bright Flyer

Making Christmas Bright: The Ubiquitous Checklist

Santa wasn’t the only one checking his list twice this Christmas Eve. Before our guests arrive, we complete an exhaustive checklist spanning all manner of details, from fresh flowers to water furnaces. Honored to host our clients over the holidays, we invest great care into every component of their stay. Follow along as we do a final sweep of a property. We hope the minutiae of our list makes you feel good about ticking off everything on yours.

TCCG Set Up-22Our Home Inspectors inventory every item in the house:

√ Safety: Two fire extinguishers.

√ Hospitality: Guest book in entryway.

√ Fireplace: Utensils, wood carrier, holder, gloves.

√ Kitchen: Whisks, spatulas, cooling rack, blender, cloth napkins, ice cream scoop, cheese grater, tea kettle, pizza wheel.

√ Bedrooms: iPod/Bluetooth alarm clocks, duvets, wood hangers, hampers, full-length mirrors.

TCCG MontageOur Caretakers run through a pre-arrival, making sure all features of the home are in tip-top shape:

√ Check fire / smoke alarm batteries.

√ Run all faucets to ensure water in traps.

√ Check operation of H.V.A.C.

√ Run dishwasher and washing machine through short cycle.

√ Check for blown light bulbs.

√ Start vehicles and allow to run; verify battery trickle.

√ Check sodium/potassium chloride in water softener.

√ Check roof for snow loading.

TCCG Set Up-20Our Housekeeping Crew canvases the home, cleaning every nook and cranny.

√ Walk the exterior of the house making sure it is free of trash.

√ Dust the entire home including all picture frames, lamps, furniture and blinds.

√ Check windowsills for flies, cobwebs, dirt.

√ Clean baseboards of smudges, dust, etc.

√ Organize hangers in closets (point clips downward).

√ Vacuum and mop thoroughly, behind and under every piece of furniture.

TCCG Set Up-9Our Concierges dial every detail of guests’ itineraries:

√ Personal chef for Christmas dinner.

√ Boxing Day table for six at Snake River Grill.

√ Granite Hot Springs sled dog reservation for four.

√ Spa Day at the Four Seasons.

TCCG Set Up-3Our Operations crew ensures every special request is realized, right before guests arrive:

√ Humidifiers added to all bedrooms.

√ Twin beds in Guest Room converted to a King.

√ Refrigerator is stocked.

√ Christmas garlands wrap all banisters and railings.

√ Cookie plates poised on nightstands.

√ Music is playing.

TCCG Set Up-27Our Greeters welcome guests to their home away from home:

√ Tour of the house.

√ AV instruction (which remote goes with what).

√ Hot tub tutorial.