TCCGJH Shooting Star Cabin - Front Elevation

Shooting Star Cabin 1, A Reintroduction

Dear Friends-

The Clear Creek Group is fortunate to represent a fine collection of distinctive homes across the vast Jackson Hole valley. Cabins, condos, lodges, villas… however they differ in design and decor, they are all under the loving care of The Clear Creek Group. Each and every visitor to those homes is promised personal, professional service, and immaculate accommodations.

The holiday season is a time that I find most humbling. So many come to The Clear Creek Group, and trust us with their festivities – it’s a dream come true for my partners and I as we truly love sharing the magic of a Jackson Hole winter with guests. Santa visits, sleigh rides, ski delivery, holiday musical shows, private chefs, dog sledding, teepee dinners… Jackson Hole is a kids-of-all-ages magical place.

The Clear Creek Group was founded by three new but close friends eleven short years ago, who found a common bond in our vision. From the beginning, our guiding principle was to provide a level of service and home care that was not a part of the mainstream “vacation rental” service (even the words sound bad!). I am proud to say that we have succeeded in this endeavor.

Another hope was that our business and professional lives would blur together, so to speak – and that happened right off the bat! We shared our friendship with homeowners and guests… and then they too became friends. We are lucky that the wonderful staff at TCCG feels the way we do about it, and happily steps in to make guests and homeowners feel a cherished part of the family.

It’s always bittersweet when we have to say “so long” to friends who move on to other chapters in their lives, and sell their Jackson Hole homes. But when the new homeowner asks us to stay on, and continue to take care of the property… WOW! That is the absolute best affirmation of the work we are trying to do.

Shooting Star Cabin 1 is one such property: a beloved family retreat that has become a treasured Jackson Hole refuge for new owners. If you are familiar with Shooting Star Cabin 1, you will recognize some of the early furnishings and delight, as we did, with the new touches! The new owners made the house their own, and, if possible, even better – how did they improve on perfection?

Shooting Star is becoming a vibrant, lively neighborhood of homes, cabins, lodges and estates. Right next to Teton Village, it is a place where you can pull in to your driveway and offer a wave and a howdy to your neighbors, and maybe toast the day’s adventures with them under the stars.

As always, the cabin is fully equipped and gorgeously furnished… and if anything is missing, just tell us. We’ll find what you need and get it right on over!

I hope you enjoy the new photographs of Shooting Star Cabin 1 as much as we enjoyed creating them! Thank you for being a part of The Clear Creek Group – for reading our posts, following our Facebook, being our friend. Stop in and see us. The coffee is always fresh, and the smiles always welcoming.

Happy Holidays!