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Essential Arrangements

If there were one verb to perfectly illustrate the Jackson Hole experience it might be discover. From all over the world our guests travel to Jackson Hole in search of the unexpected – occasions of momentary surprise, recreational triumphs, the forgotten tranquility of a long overdue retreat. The process of discovery is an inexorable highlight of the Jackson Hole experience and an integral part of our operational philosophy.

Here below the unbridled peaks of the Teton range, motivated by the ever-present landscape, each guest experience serves as an opportunity to surprise. From the most highly anticipated reservation to the subtlest of home accessories, the careful balance of distinct elements and detail culminates into an overall harmony, one which defines an individual’s stay. Layer by layer we choreograph each new rental property with meaningful accessories, inviting our guests to pause and discover a residence alive with elegance and personality.

Essential to this effort is the company of trusted local artisans. Recently The Clear Creek Group collaborated with boutique flower design studio Floral Art in Jackson, Wyoming to furnish a guest residence with floral arrangements. Founder, Ian Whipple’s passion for texture, color and composition reflect a unique understanding of the local landscape and a one-of-a-kind interpretation of the Jackson Hole ethos. “An arrangement should highlight and foreshadow a guest’s experience,” notes Whipple “from bud to bloom the flower unfolds like a story, bringing with it a sense of discovery at every turn of the page.”

Thoughtful additions to each of our residences – such as an unassuming floral arrangement – become catalysts for conversation, vehicles for inspiring new memories and subtle endorsements of an otherwise exceptional stay in Jackson Hole. Unexpected nuances add depth to the guest experience. It is the discovery of these most minute of details that makes a house a home.