The lead-up to skipping town for the holidays can be a bit hectic, to say the least. Nevertheless, a feeling of vacation calm pervades as soon as guests step off the plane in Jackson Hole. One could be excused for confusing Jackson itself with a gingerbread village sporting snow-dusted evergreen trees, deep powder, and a Town Square merrily twinkling with Christmas lights. Of course, the elk antler arches are a hint that this is the holidays alright…yet with a magical twist.

Of course, every family has their own holiday and New Year rituals, burnished by family tradition and years of celebrating together. Let us help you unfold your own special holiday right here while creating new traditions beneath the Tetons. Our Clear Creek Group concierge team is on hand to advise and connect our guests with some of the exceptional resources and services explored below–this is just a small sampling. We’re dreaming of a white (and stress-free) Christmas for you and yours.

Oh, Tannenbaum

Fun Holiday Fact #1

The Christmas tree tradition as we know it began in Germany, although evergreen boughs held significance as a sign of green and life in the depth of winter long before that. The first American Christmas trees appeared in the homes of German settlers in Pennsylvania in the 1830s, but were initially frowned on as pagan symbols. It took worldwide-trendsetter Queen Victoria to reverse this negative opinion after an illustration of her family around a bedecked tree appeared in 1846. Since then, festive tree-lighting has taken off–don’t miss the tall trees lit up in downtown Jackson Hole.

Whether you love festooning your mantel in traditional garlands or prefer crisp, elegant arrangements that stand back and let the outdoor scenery do the talking, Jackson Hole Flower Company owner Susan Bullock can bring 30 years of valley living and floral experience to your individualized creation. Her goal is always to honor a family’s tastes and aesthetics, and her arrangements have been voted “Best of Jackson Hole” many years running. During the holidays, her team stretches their earthy-with-a-sophisticated-twist vibe to provide it all: arrangements for parties or celebratory dinners; traditional blooms such as paper whites and amaryllis; Christmas wreaths; and, of course, Christmas trees.

A Festive Christmas Tree - Holidays in Jackson Hole

Indeed, Jackson Hole Flower Company can create a custom-decorated tree for your rental home in rustic or contemporary styles. Just plug in and instant Christmas magic is yours! However, if you and the kiddos don’t want to miss out on the process of decorating your own tree, voila! Bullock’s team will install a tree with white lights and leave a basket underneath brimming with trimmings and trappings for your use to come together and decorate with family and friends. All requests are catered to in custom nature. Mountains of Groceries, a local grocery delivery and food preparation service, also helps visiting families on the Christmas cheer front by decorating family-friendly 6-8 foot Noble firs, complete with stands, lights, and ornaments.

Bring us some figgy pudding

A Genuine Figgy Pudding - Holidays in Jackson Hole
Fun Holiday Fact #2

“Figgy pudding,” the English holiday treat, contains neither figs nor pudding. It’s more like a fruit cake baked with raisins, currants, and brandy. Whatever yuletide foodie traditions your family brings to the table, we can help ensure delicious and expeditious feasting.

Mountains of Groceries takes all the guesswork out of vacationing by fully stocking your kitchen and bar in advance of your arrival. They’ll do all the shopping and putting away so that your stay is truly turnkey ready. They’ll also deliver prepared meals for those arriving on late flights…or for those who are wiped from runs to the top of the Tram. Book a private chef for your family dinner or party–their team can handle gourmet plated affairs and hearty comfort food with ease. Lastly, in a brilliant full-circle touch, Mountains of Groceries can stop by your rental home after you skedaddle to clear your cabinets and donate leftover food to needy local families. There’s lots of cheer to go around.

Another local company, Unprocessed Kitchen, offers full private chef services covering the gamut from intimate dinner parties to cocktail soirees. Their team, led by National Gourmet Institute graduate Alicia Brieger, can act fast to accommodate requests for everything from sushi to pastry to local game and fish. They are also happy to accommodate special dietary restrictions and will deliver custom meals right to your front door, as well as set you up with ready-to-eat kid-friendly dinners and homemade munchies. “Everything we do is custom, so if the guest can wish it, we can dish it!” Brieger says.
For wintertime entertaining, Unprocessed Kitchen’s sample menu includes fabulously tasty ideas, such as a large charcuterie platter heaped with local cheeses, meats, olives, pickles, nuts, roasted red pepper hummus, and homemade lavash bread. Other winter warmers include smoked trout puff pastry triangles and prosciutto pear bites served with fig jam. And that’s just the hors d’oeuvres. From there, graduate to a full range of sumptuously creative entrees and desserts. Bon Appe-Noel.

Silver Bells

Glass Bowl by Laurie Thal - Holidays in Jackson Hole
Fun Holiday Fact #3

Traditional German Christmas ornaments were fashioned from hand-blown glass or lead. At the outbreak of WWII in 1939, American Corning engineers began using a machine originally designed to press light bulbs to mass produce glass ornaments at the blistering pace of 2,000 balls per minute. However, it’s usually handmade ornaments passed down through family members that we treasure the most on our trees.

Local glass artist Laurie Thal–whose sinuous bowls, vases, and goblets have been exhibited and collected nationally–throws open her studio doors during the holiday season for groups of four or more people to learn the techniques behind glass blowing and take home their very own hand-blown glass ornaments. Each ornament is $35 and groups are encouraged to bring their own appetizers and drinks to truly make a party of it. Visiting Thal’s studio is also a fabulous activity for kids. The artist’s gallery and showroom are open by appointment. Take home a new memory of Christmas in Jackson Hole, swirled and fused permanently into spun glass, or track down a beautiful and one-of-a-kind holiday gift.

Our team at The Clear Creek Group wishes you a very happy holidays and New Year. Please get in touch with us at (877) 427-3400 or if there is anything we can do to help facilitate a memorably festive–and most importantly, homey–stay.