Hanging the Artists' Reception
Ms. Meloni and Mr. Catarelli enjoying a laugh after the Reception

Ms. Meloni Admires the Wyoming Views

Whenever possible, we try to showcase the talents of the creative professionals we respect both within Jackson and beyond. Last Fall presented an opportunity of rare creative synchronicity when our local friend, Mira J. Lee, introduced us to two Italian artists—Maria Teresa Meloni and Marco Caratelli. Working with our inspired friends at WRJ Design, we co-presented an exhibition of Maria Teresa’s photographs and Marco’s tempera paintings. The opening, graciously attended by more than 50 guests, became a celebration of Italian aesthetics—from the authentic aperitivo served to the artists’ reinterpretations of Renaissance techniques and themes. As welcome, Morgan Bruemmer introduced each artist, tracing their career trajectory from Italy, then contextualing their oeuvres within art historical currents before recognizing the enthusiasm of TCCG’s community. “The Medicis are in Jackson Hole,” he said.

"Lady of the Lake" by Maria Teresa Meloni
"Montalto" by Maria Teresa Meloni

Maria Teresa explained her work according to her relationship with time: Untethered by chronos, she lives by kairos, the Greek notion of a “supreme moment”—a concept captured in each of her mystical photographs. To accompany each frame, Maria Teresa wrote lyrical lines as captions, descriptions rich with allegory. By lens and pen, she captures a world at once timeless and transcendent. As does Marco: Having mastered early Renaissance tempera techniques, he translates such centuries-old methods of art making into moments at once iconic and intimate. His paintings reveal the human grace beneath religious iconography: The tilt of Mary’s compassionate gaze, the gilded wings of an angel, a disciple’s hands in prayer. His immaculate paintings resonate with emotion. In the presence of such inspiration, everyone in attendance left in awe of each artists’ ability to render beauty so luminously.

Holy Woman
Angel Wing