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In Jackson Hole, valley locals routinely decamp to destinations around the world. Following their flight paths, we journey to properties within our International Collection…

TCCGJH Timberline Heli Pilots From Front

Sweetwater Gondola Construction at JHMR


When the blades spin, skiers and snowboarders grin

We are fortunate to have Jackson Hole Mountain Resort playing such a prominent role in our community. They are as committed to the valley as they are to improving the ski area, and improving it they most certainly are! In recent years, not only have we witnessed the replacement of the Aerial Tram, but JHMR has added a number of new lifts, and their long-term vision for the ski area is equally ambitious.

With the construction of any new lift, this time the Sweetwater Gondola, comes a flurry of activity. Anyone who spent time in Teton Village over the Memorial Day Weekend noticed the gondola’s myriad of pieces and parts being hoisted one at a time, up the mountain, each dangling securely beneath a beautifully restored, retro-fitted, and liveried, Sikorski UH-60, more commonly known as a Blackhawk.

The helicopter, the first of its kind to be used for heavy-lift operations, belongs to Timberline Helicopters, out of Sandpoint, Idaho. They’re the same team you’ve seen hauling the infrastructure at JHMR during previous expansion operations, and if you’ve taken the time to get to know them, you’ll see how special it is to make a living doing what one loves to do. Their team consists of Pat Trask, who handles refueling duties, Brady Schaures, who ensures Timberline’s helicopters are meticulously maintained, and the guys who man the controls, Riki Moore, Co-Pilot, and Chief Pilot / Vice President, Brian Jorgensen.
































Community Core Header

Community Core

Historically, the market anchored civilization, as in the agora of ancient Greece and the forum of ancient Rome. Now, the concept pervades the modern world with souks, bazaars and mercados serving as the centers of their communities. In Jackson Hole, the market custom has come to life in the form of Pearl Street Market and Aspens Markets, two sites that serve as hubs for their surrounds. The Clear Creek Group proudly partnered with Pearl Street Market on a photo shoot featuring our newest property.

Modeled after a traditional market, Pearl Street Market prides itself on its master butchers and their commitment to sourcing responsibly raised, fished and harvest protein. With this unwavering mission in mind, the market buys whole steers and pigs from Jackson’s own Lockhart Cattle Company and Robinson Family Farm and Ranch in Bedford, WY and Lockhart Cattle Company—both of which raise all-natural, grass-fed, antibiotic- and hormone-free livestock. The butcher department’s case of poultry and seafood abides by the same high standards of quality.

As a one-stop shop, the market’s grocery selection is both well-curated and comprehensive. Organic items share shelves with more conventional fare, and new products complement trusted labels. The produce section abides by the Environmental Working Group’s Dirty Dozen guide to pesticides in produce, therefore stocking organic when advised and conventional when appropriate. Rounding out the market offerings, the Aspens outpost stocks cookbooks, gifts, kitchen supplies, cosmetics and more.

As our photo shoot writ large, both Markets nourish their neighbors with fresh, thoughtful fare. Having recently expanded to include Pearl Street Market, this wholesome concept now supports the entire valley. We count ourselves lucky to have a pair of markets anchoring our community.

  • Kitchen Spoons at Aspens Market
  • Pearl Street Market Fishes
  • Aspens Market Store Inside
  • Pearl Street Market Oils
  • Aspens Market Inside
  • Pearl Street Market Books
Essential Arrangements - Flowers and logo

Essential Arrangements

If there were one verb to perfectly illustrate the Jackson Hole experience it might be discover. From all over the world our guests travel to Jackson Hole in search of the unexpected – occasions of momentary surprise, recreational triumphs, the forgotten tranquility of a long overdue retreat. The process of discovery is an inexorable highlight of the Jackson Hole experience and an integral part of our operational philosophy.

Here below the unbridled peaks of the Teton range, motivated by the ever-present landscape, each guest experience serves as an opportunity to surprise. From the most highly anticipated reservation to the subtlest of home accessories, the careful balance of distinct elements and detail culminates into an overall harmony, one which defines an individual’s stay. Layer by layer we choreograph each new rental property with meaningful accessories, inviting our guests to pause and discover a residence alive with elegance and personality.

Essential to this effort is the company of trusted local artisans. Recently The Clear Creek Group collaborated with boutique flower design studio Floral Art in Jackson, Wyoming to furnish a guest residence with floral arrangements. Founder, Ian Whipple’s passion for texture, color and composition reflect a unique understanding of the local landscape and a one-of-a-kind interpretation of the Jackson Hole ethos. “An arrangement should highlight and foreshadow a guest’s experience,” notes Whipple “from bud to bloom the flower unfolds like a story, bringing with it a sense of discovery at every turn of the page.”

Thoughtful additions to each of our residences – such as an unassuming floral arrangement – become catalysts for conversation, vehicles for inspiring new memories and subtle endorsements of an otherwise exceptional stay in Jackson Hole. Unexpected nuances add depth to the guest experience. It is the discovery of these most minute of details that makes a house a home.

TCCH - Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

There is winter – the sparkly scenes from magazine spreads – and then there is winter – the long, deep freeze that cloaks Jackson Hole. As serious as winter is around here, locals make the most of the snowy season by being serious about their pastimes. While downhill skiing often steals the spotlight, a host of activities make the Tetons a winter wonderland. Whether donning ice skates or sipping Belgian hot chocolate, winter-lovers know where to find cozy camaraderie amid the cold.

Be Sporty

With snow, the valley becomes a playground of winter sports. The trails snaking through public land become tracks for Nordic skiing. Weekly grooming of Cache Creek and the Snake River dike allows for the speed of skate skiing or the serenity of classic. Or venture into Grand Teton National Park for a more natural experience.

Snow, for some, may signal the end of cycling season, but intrepid bicyclists make the burly transition to fatbikes come winter. Try out the beefy treads on the same forest trails that skiers enjoy (sharing means caring).

For family fun, head downtown to the Town Square. As soon as temps drop below zero, the western corner of the square becomes a skating rink open to all (conveniently, rent skates on site). Pop music and night lights make it a fun evening excursion for families.

After so much activity, take solace in spectating: Jackson Hole is home to a show-stopping hockey team. The Jackson Hole Moose Hockey Club plays nearly every weekend to the delight of the loyal local audience. Check out the schedule here.

The sporty life in Jackson Hole knows no limits.

  • TCCG - Jackson Hole Wy. Arch
  • TCCGJH - Boarder
  • TCCGJH - Fat Bike Riding
  • TCCG - Winter Tetons

Be Social

Beat the shivers by retreating inside restaurants. From fireside dining to dishes designed with warmth in mind, a plethora of places make winter the season of edible delights.

Daytime activities should always end with a delectable cup of Persephone Bakery’s hot chocolate – a rich soup of molten Belgian chocolate topped with a house-made marshmallow (vanilla or peppermint). On the same sweet note, the warm chocolate soufflé (doused in Grand Marnier anglaise) at Snake River Grill is the perfect way to cap an elegant fireside dinner. Channel the coziness of a campfire at Trio with its s’more, a wood-oven roasted house-made marshmallow atop a graham cracker-crusted brownie.

Always skipping to dessert, savory standouts include the Napoletana-style pizzas of Pizzeria Caldera, the ever-changing menu of Gather, the carnivorous cornucopia of Local, the cabin-eclectic fare of Sweetwater Café, the stylish South Asian scene at The Indian, the award-winning nanobrews at Thai Me Up, the modern Mexican of Hatch, the creative rolls at King Sushi, and the wine-bar bites of Bin 22. No matter the appetite, Teton restaurants guarantee memorable meals made all the more magical by the sparkling scene outside.

  • TCCG - Caldera Pizza
  • TCCG - Dinner with friends
  • TCCG - Marshmallows and Cocoa