Meagan Takes In the Views Atop Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

“I’m a sharer.
I like to share things.”

This urge to share what strikes her with others–and a desire to forge connections between people who should know each other if they don’t already–led Sales Associate Meagan Murtagh to find her calling in a variety of creative and professional endeavors in Jackson Hole.

Like most Jacksonites, her schedule is packed. She has been in the real estate market for nine years while also running The Scout Guide Jackson Hole as its all-in editor/sales team/photographer. The Scout Guide–one of a series of pocket-sized city guides around the United States that highlight premier independent businesses for locals and travelers–is just one way Murtagh makes connections. Another is her blog. Meagan blogs prolifically at The Egg Out West, sharing a slice of Jackson Hole life and its adventures, businesses, and folks with her readers.

She recently joined The Clear Creek Group’s dynamic real estate team after watching the boutique firm grow and expand both its property management and real estate service offerings. “I’ve always loved Morgan and Phil and think they’re great guys,” Murtagh says. “I just think they’ve done a really great job with their branding…When the opportunity came up [to join their team], I jumped on it.”

Murtagh’s other passions inform her real estate work every day as well. The Scout Guide helps her form relationships with local business owners and keeps her informed about what they have going on during the year. Through producing each annual issue, blogging, and moonlighting with marketing work for nationally-recognized brands such as Old Navy and H&M, Meagan has her nose to the ground on all things Jackson Hole. This includes real estate buzz—like homes that aren’t even on the market yet.

Murtagh points out that there’s a lot of overlap among the professionals and clients she works with in both spheres. “The Scout Guide demographic is second homeowners. It’s seen as the ‘what’s cool and happening Jackson Hole source.’ We really want people who are going to become second homeowners to support our local business owners because they’re the backbone of our community.”

Meagan Enjoys Finding Beauty in Unexpected Places
Meagan's Passion Makes Her an Integral Part of the Valley's Real Estate Scene

Community is central for The Clear Creek Group, too, and that makes their ethos a natural fit for Murtagh’s. She points out that the two-fold offerings are key here: “I think Clear Creek does a really awesome job catering to their clients for rentals and they also inform real estate buyers about what’s going on in the community. They want them to be part of the community and contribute to it.” It’s a desire she shares as she broadcasts all the amazing things the valley has to offer to her readers and clients.

Murtagh’s love for Jackson Hole’s exceptional local community inspires her to head out to the field and challenge herself to tell one Jackson Hole story each day. In this, her tenth valley summer, she recently chronicled a Grand Teton National Park wildlife tour and a downtown women’s boutique’s opening in a new location. She also serves on the Teton Board of Realtors Young Professionals Network board, which she describes as “for the young pros and the young at heart.” The group is open to everyone and puts on events throughout the year for realtors to come together, collaborate, and talk shop. “The realtor community is so awesome. Everyone is really helpful and supportive of each other.”

Meagan Enjoying a Vacation Abroad

Despite her demanding schedule, Murtagh’s photographic eye and curator’s spirit are still very much informed by travel. During the off season, she makes it a goal to travel to one new country every year and get out and see the world beyond this ring of granite peaks. Her travels are touchstones that she brings to each photo shoot—whether with a huge brand or a local business.

“I get to tell the story of Jackson Hole every day,” Murtagh says, marveling a little at getting to do exactly what she loves to do in the place she loves best. By extension, this means she can help write the story of her clients’ lives as she assists them through the process of discovering their perfect home.

“I’m really passionate about working with buyers to find them the right home or property for their family.”

It’s an attitude that fits right in at The Clear Creek Group.

To contact Meagan Murtagh and learn more about her work, give her a call at 307-413-0892 or email at